Unconventional Ways to Save For Retirement

Many experts recommend saving a minimum of one million dollars to fund retirement adequately. Others advise clients to set aside ten times your end of career salary, which in many cases amounts to one million dollars or more. Late starters could need to save 20% or more from now until read more

Saving for Retirement with No 401K

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 33% of the workforce have no access to employer-sponsored retirement plans such as 401ks. While employer plans help millions of employees’ fund retirement, others must build a retirement nest egg through their own efforts. There are several options available to workers without access read more

Should You Apply for a Reverse Mortgage?

Recent changes in reverse mortgage policies are leading to a surge in popularity. Seniors who enter retirement, but lack adequate savings can tap the equity in their primary home to bridge the gap. However, using a reverse mortgage unwisely could lead to the loss of your home. Here are the read more

Changes in Reverse Mortgages Lowering Default Rates

The recovery of the housing market, combined with regulatory changes regarding reverse mortgages, has once again made them attractive to seniors looking for an influx of cash in retirement. The industry faced challenges when home values fell, leading to negative equity in millions of reverse mortgages, threatening the survival of read more

Weighing the Option of Reducing Student Loan Debt or Paying for Retirement

Record high student loan balances, have many graduates putting off other long-term financial goals, which often include funding retirement. The immediate bill can feel more urgent than retirement in the distance. However, failing to account for the benefits of compounding could leave you with significantly less in retirement accounts down read more

Understanding the ROI Calculation

Calculating the Return on Investment (ROI) is an uncomplicated way to compare one investment with another. It is one of several measures, which help determine the strength of an investment and estimate future gains. Investors commonly use it to assist with long-range financial planning. ROI is a simple calculation that read more

Best Ways to Lower Your AC bill This Summer

The HVAC system uses more power than any other device and in some places, can comprise half the energy use in your home. During the heat of the summer, that translates into a much higher power bill. To keep costs in line there are a few simple changes you can read more

Auto Loan Balances Hit New Highs

In the last quarter of 2016, outstanding balances on auto loans hit a record high of 1.2 trillion dollars. Consumers, while taking out fewer mortgages, have made up the difference with automobile loans, increasing balances by 22 billion during the last quarter of 2016. Easy lending practices largely account for read more

Finding Family Fun Within Your Budget This Winter

Brisk winter days and cold nights can leave you stuck inside wondering what to do during your free-time. Winter entertainment tends to be more limited than summer months provide because inexpensive activities like parks and outdoor concerts are off the table. Along with a smaller selection, activities also tend to read more

How to Support Charities on A Budget

We are a generous culture, and charitable giving is an important role in our society. Last year charitable causes received $57.9 billion dollars in doonations, an increase of 6.5% over contributions made in 2014. The average family donated $2,974 in goods and services to charitable causes for a total of read more