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Are you accredited by the BBB?

We no longer choose to pay for accreditation from the BBB. You may not know this, but, the BBB is not a government agency. It is a privately-owned franchise operation that does independent ratings and accreditation based on businesses paying them to be included.

Do I need property or collateral to be approved for the loan?

Nope. As we are working with you to get out of your unsecured high interest rate credit card debt, we do not require collateral or property.

How long will it take me to get out of debt?

Our typical client journey to financial freedom takes approximately 48 months.

How did you get my name and address?

You received our offer because you meet certain criteria for creditworthiness. Your basic information, name and address, are available through the credit bureaus.

Why can’t you give me my answer online?

We would like to get to know you a bit better before approving you for our debt consolidation loan. We want to understand how you got into debt, what other methods you may have tried, and talk you through our program. We will be working together for a long time and want to make you feel secure in this relationship. To us, you are not just your debt .