Reward Programs Which Save The Most Money

With most major companies offering various forms of rewards programs, it can be hard to compare them across brands to find the ones with the best value. Signing up for every store program might give you an initial discount on the current purchase, but will likely not offer any ongoing benefits because you won’t meet the requirements for additional discounts.

The idea behind a loyalty program is for the company to reward customers with discount pricing and offers that encourage you to frequent the brand or company. The reality is that most shoppers collect cards, but rarely receive any benefits beyond the immediate shopping trip. You can change that by paying more attention to what the company offers and keeping up with fewer programs.

Business Partnership Programs such as the Plenti Card, allow you to gain points and cash in the benefits at multiple stores. It is easier to reach reward levels because you combine purchases from more than one retailer.

Easy to Follow Rules. To gain additional rewards you must often meet spending thresholds or purchase requirements within a certain time frame before points expire. For example, it is easy to keep up with a restaurant program offering a free lunch after five visits. Points programs that require an online visit and points accumulation over months care harder to follow. Choose programs with easy to understand terms and liberal expiration dates.

Consider buying patterns before buying a membership. Companies such as Amazon offer loyalty programs with an annual cost the consumer. Before signing up, compare the cost and convenience of paying the membership price. Will you order enough on Amazon to warrant the free shipping or will it encourage you to overspend?

Reward programs are like coupons. They have the ability to save a significant amount of money when used wisely.