Tips on Winning More College Scholarships

Scholarships can make the high cost of a college education bearable. While most students do not win a full scholarship, it is possible to save thousands of dollars on your education by creating a systematic plan to win more free money for college.

Select the Right Scholarship Applications

Begin by registering on multiple scholarship websites such as and, which offer over 3.7 million scholarships. These websites aggregate millions of available resources. A more detailed profile, will refine your search and increase the quality of scholarships.

National and Corporate scholarships draw a lot of applicants. For example, The Burger King, James W. McLamore WHOPPER Scholarship will award the winner $50,000. The Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship offers awards to 150 students and The Dell Scholars award 400 scholarships of up to $20,000.

Online websites make it easier to locate and apply for awards, forcing students to compete with applicants from across the country. Larger awards draw more applicants and can decrease the chances of winning. The same principle applies to awards with few requirements. The easier it is to apply the more applicants will fight for those dollars.

Strategically select the applications you want to pursue, and choose ones that allow you to show off your skillset .. Don’t shy away from applications which require an essay, project, or other factor because it will greatly limit the competition.

Start Small

Apply for a few scholarships at a time rather than completing dozens of short applications with a low chance of winning.  Select the scholarships based on both qualifications and your ability to win.

Find five scholarships with deadlines in the next six months. How well do your experience, background, or skills, meet the requirements?  After choosing the target applications, make them a priority, and set aside specific times each week to focus on completing each application. Be thorough, follow the guidelines with exactness, and offer your best work.

Apply Early and Often

Do not delay until your junior or senior year of high school to begin looking for free money. Many organizations offer scholarships beginning in 9th grade. Some even target younger ages. It is not necessary to select a school to win scholarships. Most private scholarships will apply to any qualified school you attend.

Continue applying until you obtain your desired degree. There are scholarships for upper-class students, as well as graduate degrees.

Record Yourself, Then Transcribe

If you find it a challenge to write, try transcribing your responses. Record your thoughts, transcribe, and edit your work. It is not necessary to be a top essay writer to win a scholarship. Review the application questions and contemplate your response. Thoroughly research and consider what each organization values, then highlight the areas of your life which reflect those values.

Stay Motivated

Applying for scholarships can be time-consuming and discouraging when you do not win. However, breaking down your time and the worth of the award can help you stay motivated.